Monitor Global Outlook


The Christian Science Monitor is one of the largest news organizations in the US with a large network of global correspondents. In an effort to leverage this large network and monetize on-location news sources, The Christian Science Monitor decided to create a separate news outlet under the brand Monitor Global Outlook.

When the original vendor contracted to complete a prototype of the service, pulled out of the contract realizing that the breadth and depth of the project was beyond their capabilities, creativeHunger stepped in taking over implementation. We less than two months to go from concept to finished product, we turned to open source CMS – WordPress – to create the basis for our build-out.

At the end of the project build out period we launched a platform that served as a content aggregation mechanism for a team of over 20 international reporters and content & media editors. The system integrated with a automated content classification engine which organized incoming news by subject and region (continent, country & city) extracting information such as individual and location names and having the ability to identify context relevant news.

On the front end a multi-level subscription based website allowed access to the content, provided lead generation capabilities and integrated with a series of weekly newsletters generated from the incoming news.

After a year of operation, the prototype was considered a success and the system was migrated to the main Christian Science Monitor platform, where it resides today.

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