UDX Case Study

Phase5Group – EON



Phase5Group was looking to aggregate years of expertise accumulated in Continuous Improvement Management for Manufacturing, into the world’s first CI Platform.

Such an endeavor required re-imagining how large, multi-plant, international manufacturing businesses manage their work from vision to daily task execution.

One of the biggest challenges was building a user experience that not only allowed employees at different levels and physical location to have access to information pertinent to them, but also presenting this overwhelming amount of information in a way that was easy to understand and use.


creativeHunger met with Phase5Group stakeholders and participated in industry expert client panels including representatives from DuPont, Hershey and more, in order to understand the requirements of both our client as well as those of their customers.

From functional wireframes, to fully developed prototypes, we worked side by side with our client, utilizing agile design methodology to ensure timely delivery and keep the focus on creating an standard-setting user experience.

We created user personas to identify interactions on all levels – from CEO to factory floor worker, the overall architecture map, workflow and visual design of the platform looking for simple ways to represent hundreds of processes in over 50 functional areas in manufacturing.


Within a year Phase5Group went from concept to launching EON – the world’s first Continuous Improvement Management Platform at the end of 2014 with their first international client.

More clients are implementing EON and the initial feedback recognizes the wealth of capabilities and ease of use of the platform.



UDX Case Study

creativeHunger helped Phase5Group build the world's first Continuous Improvement Platform by designing a unique User Experience.

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